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Tips on Daily tow truck examination

Posted on: June 25th, 2012 by towingwriter

Daily examination and maintenance of a tow truck is of prime importance in order to maintain its smooth functioning and operation. At the beginning of each day, every tow truck in Sydney driver needs to make it his duty to carry out a thorough inspection of the tow truck, from top to bottom. It is, after all, the tow truck that keeps the driver safe and provides him with the ability to assist people in need.

For those towing companies who own a fleet of tow trucks, it becomes important to maintain each and every tow truck and ensure that each one is in pristine condition as the reputation of the towing service is dependant on the smooth functioning of the tow trucks and their ability to help people as and when required. Very often, short notice is given to tow truck drivers to make it to a certain location immediately. At such times it is imperative that the tow truck itself does not break down or malfunction. At critical times when others need rescuing, it is not possible for a tow truck driver to get off and spend precious time fixing his truck.

In order to avoid this dilemma, tow truck drivers need to have checklists which consist of every essential part of the tow truck. In this way, by making his way down the entire checklist on a daily basis, the driver would be able to ascertain the working condition of every part of his vehicle. The clutch, brakes, lights, levers, meters, cables and other essential spare tools should be checked daily to ensure proper functioning.

A thorough inspection of the tow truck should be made mandatory and any problem should be rectified prior to starting the days work. This simple examination will not only keep the drivers safe but also ensure a long life for the towing equipment itself.

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