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The life of a tow truck driver

Posted on: July 29th, 2012 by towingwriter

Tow truck drivers are unsung heroes; working long hours just to make sure that drivers who need assistance are not kept waiting. The winter season is a particularly trying time in the life of a tow truck driver.

It is extremely important for a tow truck driver to remain well stocked during winter. Winter gear and warm clothes are an absolute essential. Gloves, boots and special snow suits that have reflective strips serve a dual purpose. Not only does this gear keep them warm, it also provides them with safety in that the reflective strips enable other drivers to visualize their location. It is a daily duty of tow truck drivers to inspect their vehicles and ensure that they are in perfectly working condition. The heated cab of a tow truck provides some much needed relief on those cold winter nights.

Towing service providers are busiest during winter, giving tow truck driver’s longer hours to work. But weather cannot be a barrier for dedicated tow truck drivers who are eagerly awaited by stranded motorists, looking for a helping hand. Tow truck drivers need to brave harsh weather and extremely difficult conditions in order to effectively assist those in need. Ensuring the safety of others is of prime importance, but tow truck drivers also need to take care of themselves while on the job. Oncoming traffic can prove to be a real danger when weather conditions make the roads slippery.

Towing is an extremely difficult and often thankless job. Tow truck drivers go above and beyond the call of duty to assist those in trouble. So, the next time you come across a tow truck driver, make sure you thank him for all his hard work.

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