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How to avoid classic tow truck scams

Posted on: December 20th, 2011 by towingwriter

Towing services are a blessing in your time of need. Accidents and breakdowns are an unforeseeable eventuality and at such times, the sight of the tow truck pulling up to you, brings immense relief.

However there are several towing companies that are resorting to illegal practices and scams to make easy money. Many tow truck companies monitor privately owned parking lots. They target vehicles that are using the parking space without patronizing the businesses that own the parking lots. However, they very often overlook the fact that a person has patronized the store that owns the parking lot before moving on to another. This is an illegal act.

Another scam is that several people have complained of loss of property from inside their vehicles after the vehicle has been towed. Anytime your vehicle is left unattended, it is susceptible to vandalism and theft. Smaller items such are cell phones, iPod’s, stereo equipment and cameras are at a higher risk to be stolen. Many towing companies do not have adequate background checks done on their employees. As a precaution, you could consider carrying valuables with you when exiting your vehicle, or keep them well hidden, away from prying eyes.

Another rampant scam is that towing companies start to load the vehicles onto the tow trucks. When the owner immediately approaches the tow truck driver, the driver strikes a deal with the owner to pay half the amount that he would normally pay at the impound lot. This amount is conveniently pocketed by the driver without making any registration of the transaction.

In order to avoid falling prey to rogue towing companies, you could learn more about the rules and regulations regarding towing in your area. You could also consider reporting such incidents, and in turn help someone else avoid the hassle of dealing with unethical towing companies.

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