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All you need to know about tow truck before purchasing one

Posted on: September 27th, 2012 by towingwriter

Tow truck service providers perform a much needed service to society. If you are contemplating starting a towing business, there are a few things you would need to know about tow trucks. The following tips will enable you to make an informed decision about the type of tow trucks that would be necessary to run a towing company.

  • The basic function of tow trucks is to transport vehicles that have broken down or towing of vehicles that have broken parking laws and other such rules. Flatbed tow trucks, hook and chain trucks, boom trucks, wheel lift trucks and integrated trucks are some of the options available for towing companies.
  • You would also have the option of purchasing a heavy duty or a medium duty tow truck.  It is often argued that since an investment is being made into purchasing a tow truck, it might as well be a heavy duty tow truck. However if you are just staring out, medium duty tow trucks could be purchased initially and later upgraded, once business has picked up.
  • When starting out a towing business, you would have the option of purchasing either a brand new truck or a second hand one. Before purchasing a second hand tow truck, it would be wise to ensure the condition of the vehicle prior to purchase.
  • Online sources are proving to be valuable in providing information about tow trucks. Through these sources you could conduct your own research about the type, condition and variety of tow trucks that you could purchase. You could also find information about the location of tow truck dealers and make comparisons to find the best deal on tow trucks before purchasing one.

Investing in tow trucks is a major decision. Ensure that you have carried out appropriate research about tow trucks and check that the condition of the tow truck would be beneficial to your towing service.

Insurance for Tow Truck Companies

Posted on: September 12th, 2012 by towingwriter


A tow truck business is a kind of business, which helps you to earn money by providing help to repair vehicles on the roadside that might have had any accident or require towing because the vehicle breaks down. It is a service or repair facility provided by some roadside service agencies. There’s a lot of investment required in such kind of business as the equipments and the apparatus used are costly. To protect your business investment insurance of tow truck companies is necessary. For this, you need right tow truck insurance, which should be a priority for any business. One should obtain insurance in order to ensure the security of the physical property of your business, as well as the liability insurance in case of any event if your tow trucks cause any damage to property, injury or death. Insurance of tow trucks is also important because of the fact that they are the life lines of road side operating agencies. When not in use these trucks are to be kept at a secure place.

Some businesses that may need commercial tow truck insurance are:

  • Roadside service providers
  • Auto club contractors
  • Rotational towing
  • Auto body shops
  • Auto mechanical repair
  • Full service stations
  • Auto salvage and auction haulers

The requirement of insurance for tow trucks is really of vital importance, because they are the sole rescuers of stranded vehicles and their owners. In case of any mishap or accident, they are the white knights of the road. With so much riding on your tow truck, towing insurance products and features designed specifically for your needs are a necessity.

Equipments for tow truck drivers

Posted on: September 5th, 2012 by towingwriter

Whenever a motor vehicle wrecks down and it can no longer run on the road, a tow truck is used as a recovery vehicle for transportation. These services are provided by a road service operator. But an important point is, are these towing trucks well equipped? To rescue a broken down vehicle, the rescuer itself should be fully equipped. So the equipments commonly used in tow trucks are:

.    Boom: It is not used specifically for towing, but most of the trucks are equipped with an adjustable boom winch. When there is a need to recover the truck fixed in a trench, open drain or on any edge where there is no place for the truck to bank upon then in such a case, these boom winches can be used.

.    Wheel-Lift: It is a kind innovated use of hook and chain technology where a large metal yoke is fitted under the front or rear wheel sides for the support. It is based on the principle of pneumatic or hydraulic technology, where the machinery pulls the drive wheels of the vehicle either front or rear wheels whichever are in use.

.    Hook and Chain: It is also known as “sling” or “belt lift”. In this technique of lifting, chains are circled around the axle or the frame of the vehicle, and it is drawn upwards with the help of a boom winch, which rests alongside a pair of heavy rubberized mats so the customer’s vehicle is towed on its other axle. However, these are not much in use these days because it can scratch the bumpers of cars. But in case of an accident or when one or two of the front or rear wheels of the vehicles is missing they can be used.

.    Flatbed: It is also called as a Rollback or a Slide. At the back of the truck a complete bed is fitted, which is used to move the vehicle to the ground level based on the principle of hydraulic pressure. It helps the vehicle being towed to be placed on it applying its own power.
.    Integrated: It is also referred to as a “Self Loader” Snatcher, Quick Pick or a Repo Truck. It is a unique combination of boom and wheel-lift technologies being integrated into a single unit. It is mostly used in the case of light duty trucks, when they are to be moved if parked at a wrong place. There are controls for the kit used inside the cab of the tow truck to help make the pickup possible without having to hook up the vehicle.

Mostly these equipment for tow truck drivers are the common arrangements, but they are not exclusive, rather a combination is used. The flatbed units help in wheel-lift, whereas boom trucks can recover but can not tow, and wheel-lift units are a combination of boom with belt lift.

Moreover, if the tow trucks are fully equipped, the drivers will not be in trouble in case if there is an accident or a breakdown.

The life of a tow truck driver

Posted on: July 29th, 2012 by towingwriter

Tow truck drivers are unsung heroes; working long hours just to make sure that drivers who need assistance are not kept waiting. The winter season is a particularly trying time in the life of a tow truck driver.

It is extremely important for a tow truck driver to remain well stocked during winter. Winter gear and warm clothes are an absolute essential. Gloves, boots and special snow suits that have reflective strips serve a dual purpose. Not only does this gear keep them warm, it also provides them with safety in that the reflective strips enable other drivers to visualize their location. It is a daily duty of tow truck drivers to inspect their vehicles and ensure that they are in perfectly working condition. The heated cab of a tow truck provides some much needed relief on those cold winter nights.

Towing service providers are busiest during winter, giving tow truck driver’s longer hours to work. But weather cannot be a barrier for dedicated tow truck drivers who are eagerly awaited by stranded motorists, looking for a helping hand. Tow truck drivers need to brave harsh weather and extremely difficult conditions in order to effectively assist those in need. Ensuring the safety of others is of prime importance, but tow truck drivers also need to take care of themselves while on the job. Oncoming traffic can prove to be a real danger when weather conditions make the roads slippery.

Towing is an extremely difficult and often thankless job. Tow truck drivers go above and beyond the call of duty to assist those in trouble. So, the next time you come across a tow truck driver, make sure you thank him for all his hard work.

Tips on Daily tow truck examination

Posted on: June 25th, 2012 by towingwriter

Daily examination and maintenance of a tow truck is of prime importance in order to maintain its smooth functioning and operation. At the beginning of each day, every tow truck in Sydney driver needs to make it his duty to carry out a thorough inspection of the tow truck, from top to bottom. It is, after all, the tow truck that keeps the driver safe and provides him with the ability to assist people in need.

For those towing companies who own a fleet of tow trucks, it becomes important to maintain each and every tow truck and ensure that each one is in pristine condition as the reputation of the towing service is dependant on the smooth functioning of the tow trucks and their ability to help people as and when required. Very often, short notice is given to tow truck drivers to make it to a certain location immediately. At such times it is imperative that the tow truck itself does not break down or malfunction. At critical times when others need rescuing, it is not possible for a tow truck driver to get off and spend precious time fixing his truck.

In order to avoid this dilemma, tow truck drivers need to have checklists which consist of every essential part of the tow truck. In this way, by making his way down the entire checklist on a daily basis, the driver would be able to ascertain the working condition of every part of his vehicle. The clutch, brakes, lights, levers, meters, cables and other essential spare tools should be checked daily to ensure proper functioning.

A thorough inspection of the tow truck should be made mandatory and any problem should be rectified prior to starting the days work. This simple examination will not only keep the drivers safe but also ensure a long life for the towing equipment itself.

Tow trucks and motor insurance

Posted on: June 13th, 2012 by towingwriter

A new car insurance policy provides you with important documents and a few stickers to place on your car. One such sticker would be a DO NOT TOW sticker which would provide details of the tow truck company that has been endorsed by your insurance company. It is very important for you as a vehicle owner to place that sticker on your vehicle.

There are several towing companies who patrol certain areas and are likely to be the first to respond to vehicles that have been in accidents. However, it is important that you do not permit any tow truck operator who is not authorized on your policy to tow away your vehicle. If you do, then there is a possibility that your insurance company will not bear the cost of towing your vehicle out because they will not be able to ascertain if the vehicle was additionally damaged during transportation. Insurance companies have tie ups with trustworthy towing companies. These authorized towing companies are the ones who would tow your vehicle to the repair shop.

Some tow truck companies have garnered a very ruthless reputation as a result of their unscrupulous actions. Certain tow truck driver’s tune into radio frequencies used by the police in order to gather information about the location of accidents and thus be the first on the scene. There are some towing companies who deceive people into believing that they have been authorized by the insurance company on the phone.  Most likely the person on the phone is an associate of the unauthorized towing company.  This is why it is essential for you to verify this information with your insurance company yourself.

You could avoid falling prey to towing companies who claim to offer you free towing services, as other hidden charges will cost a lot of money. The DO NOT TOW sticker on your vehicle will act as a deterrent to random tow truck operators and will display the contact information of your authorized towing service provider.

The importance of tow truck insurance

Posted on: May 2nd, 2012 by towingwriter

Tow truck insurance is gaining immense popularity in recent times. Drivers of tow trucks are rendering a noble service to stranded travelers on a daily basis. Not only do they have to shoulder the entire responsibility of the vehicles to be towed, they also risk their safety in order to assist motorists.

There are various casualty insurances and commercial property that are included in tow truck insurance. The insurance would also need to include garage responsibility as well as on-hook coverage. Towing companies are liable to bear expenses for the damages that may take place when the truck drivers are towing vehicles. If a tow truck service provider does not have this provision insurance, it could mean a major loss for the business in the eventuality that any damage occurs to the tow truck or the damaged vehicle. The towing service also runs the risk of bankruptcy in case there is no insurance coverage for the tow vehicles.

The process of acquiring tow truck insurance is time consuming as well as expensive. The reasoning behind the extreme expense is that the estimate is based on the tow truck as well as the load it is expected to carry. Insurance policies are also determined based on factors like whether the loads are carried across state lines. Tow truck insurance is decided taking several factors into consideration and each policy is different. Premium rates depend on the number coverage and factors that have been applied for. The insurance plans are also based on the requirements of unloading and loading in various states.

For the purpose of tow truck insurance, many factors are taken into consideration such as vehicle type, driving record of the owner, operation of the tow truck and other factors.

Tow truck services-Car lock out crisis averted

Posted on: April 25th, 2012 by towingwriter

Anyone who has been in a situation where they have been locked out of their vehicle, especially at night and in a particularly unsavory part of town can testify to the fact that this position can be quite scary and unnerving. It is always highly advised that you as a car owner and driver of a vehicle could consider being armed with a plan to help you get out of this sticky situation. In the eventuality that you do find yourself locked out of your car and are in need of roadside assistance, a tow truck company can assist you in your time of need.

Small and large business owners as well as homeowners are people who are on most occasions the recipients of the services of the towing company. Most business owners have signs posted on their property to demarcate the areas that are covered by a towing company. If these rules are broken, the business owner has every right to have a rule breakers vehicle legally towed away. Similarly homeowners too have the authority to legally call the towing service in order to remove a vehicle that is blocking their driveway or any vehicle that is illegally parked in an assigned parking area.

A towing service is also in a position to assist you in case you find yourself locked out of your vehicle. As a precaution, you could consider storing the number of a trusted towing service on your phone so that you would not be caught in a predicament and also would not need to resort to leaving your vehicle unattended at any point in time. When contacting a towing company, you could provide them with details about your car like make and model type so that they come prepared and equipped to deal with the given vehicle. Once they arrive, you as the car owner would need to provide some form of proof that you indeed are the car owner. Towing companies need to exercise this much caution in order to avoid any incidents later.

Tow truck services not only tow your vehicle in case of accidents or breakdowns, they also provide you with the valuable service of roadside assistance when you find yourself locked out of your vehicle.



A layman’s guide to tow trucks

Posted on: April 18th, 2012 by towingwriter


Tow trucks can be a blessing for anyone caught in the dilemma of having a breakdown or worse an accident. A tow truck’s ability to withstand heavy loads has led to its modification in many ways and made it suitable for different purposes in varied sectors of industry. The following is an overview of the different types of tow trucks:

  • Flatbed Towing Trucks - Flatbed tow trucks are used for transporting many vehicles at one time, from a given location to another. These tow trucks are used by car companies for the purpose of production.
  • Hook and Chain Trucks - Hook and chain tow trucks are the most established and commonly use tow truck among all the others. They are used for retrieving damaged cars and other vehicles that have fallen into a ditch or to the side of the road. Construction companies make use of these tow trucks in order to mobilize damaged tractors. This type of tow truck provides roadside safety and is often used by the police force.
  • Boom Trucks – Removing a damaged vehicle from a ditch or out of a hole cannot be done by merely pulling. Boom trucks provide a resolution to this problem in the fact that their equipments and tools are capable of lifting heavy loads instead of just pulling them. However, these trucks can also be utilized for the purpose of pulling vehicles.
  • Wheel-Lift Trucks – Similar to hook and chain trucks, a wheel lift truck is utilized for the purpose of pulling out damaged vehicles. Transportation of a damaged vehicle with this truck is faster as the truck is required to bear only a fraction of the towed vehicles weight. The associated risk is however higher as if the wheel is not capable of carrying heavy weights, that could lead to some problems.

These different types of tow trucks are highly capable of rescuing any vehicle from any situation and are used liberally by towing services to provide their customers with rapid assistance.



Towing companies- Offering safety for your vehicle

Posted on: April 3rd, 2012 by towingwriter

Tow truck companies are the silent savior of every person who has ever been stranded at the side of the road, desperately wishing that someone would come and rescue them. They provide assistance incase of breakdowns, accidents even situations like flat tires. They not only ensure your safety, but also that of your vehicle.

Tow truck service providers are extremely professional and knowledgeable about the processes that are required to keep your vehicle in a safe condition.  Towing a vehicle does not only involve hooking up a disabled vehicle to a chain at the back of a trailer. Tow truck operators need to be well aware of the weight capacity that the tow truck is able to withstand. This becomes an issue because if the tow truck is unable to manage the weight of the vehicle, it could cause even more damage, not only to the disabled vehicle but to the tow truck and the other vehicles on the road as well.

Safety chains are extremely important in the process of towing. They need to be properly attached to the trailer to ensure that the trailer and the vehicle being towed do not get separated from the tow truck. Tow truck companies are extremely conscientious about the safety of your vehicle. Every care is taken to make sure that your vehicle is attached safely and that no damage would occur during the process of towing or even during reviving dead batteries or mending flat tires.

Towing companies are armed with specialized and thoroughly trained staff that is aware of the importance of having your vehicle in a safe condition. With their expertise, they ensure that your vehicle will be as good as new, safe for you and your loved ones once again.