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Safety tips for RV towing

Posted on: July 15th, 2012 by towingwriter

Towing safety should be of utmost importance when towing either a dolly or a trailer behind an RV. With the weight of an RV that needs to be taken into account along with the additional weight of the boat or car being towed, there are many areas for concern that require special attention and precaution.

Even the most experienced tow truck drivers could greatly benefit from RV driving courses. Certain courses that place importance on RV towing would also be beneficial. These courses could enlighten you about tips and safety precautions that were previously not brought to your notice. These courses could give you the added confidence needed to safely tow with an RV. With RV towing, it is important to remain aware of weight limits. If the RV and trailer surpass the stipulated combined weight limit then the RV automatically becomes unsafe to drive. By exceeding weight limits, it is also possible that the insurance policy on your RV will be negated. Whenever possible, it is important to visit a weighing station and weight the entire RV as well as the trailer. It is also important to examine all tow bars, locks and all other equipments in order to ensure proper functioning and safety. You would also do well to remember that towing with an RV takes longer to brake than regular vehicles. It is important to make sure that other drivers have ample time to slow down or respond to your changes in lanes.

RV towing may seem like an easy task, but minor lapses of judgment and hurried precautions could lead to problems for the most experienced tow truck drivers. It is important to keep in mind important safety tips when RV towing because your safety as well as the safety of others driving alongside is at stake.

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