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Rely Only Upon Insured Towing Services

Posted on: October 14th, 2011 by towingwriter

If towing assistance is needed, it anyways implies that something is wrong with the vehicle. Could be the damage caused due to an accident or a technical fault with the machinery, but either ways there is a problem ,which cannot be catered to, without getting the vehicle to a mechanic and thus towing services are called for. However, there is a possibility, that while the vehicle is being towed, it might get further damaged. It could get scratched or dented. In such a situation, what happens? Who is now supposed to pay the damages?

As cautious a towing company maybe, due to uncontrollable factors, it is possible that the vehicle could get damaged. However, owner is obviously not responsible and as a towing company Xtreme believes that, during the towing process, vehicle safety is totally our responsibility. To this end, adequate insurance has been obtained by Xtreme, which shall pay during eventualities of vehicle damage. Our tow trucks are all insured and the paper work is intact. We take the most stringent steps when it comes to maintaining vehicle’s safety, yet if an issue crops up, insurance support is extended. Our executives are all ears and we not only commit quick response time for towing calls, but also promise to revert, at the earliest, in case damage is identified during towing.

Thus, when you hire Xtreme to undertake the task of towing your vehicle, not only do you buy transportation assistance, but additionally you seek for yourself peace of mind and service assurance.


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