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Choosing between towing and road side repair

Posted on: February 21st, 2012 by towingwriter

The choice between road side repair and towing is sometimes one that cannot be made too easily. If you can actually see the part of your vehicle that is damaged and would need repair like the fan belt or the hose, then road side repair would be the obvious choice.  However, if your vehicle just happens to break down, without you being able to discern the apparent cause, you might want to consider a towing service as your best option.

Very often, a roadside repair facility would charge you exorbitant fees by the hour whether or not they can repair the problem with your vehicle on the spot. In many cases, roadside repair services do not have the necessary equipment to verify or rectify a given problem. They would end up checking parts on a trial and error basis and make several trips to stores or dealers for which you would be charged. Eventually, you would have to resort to seeking the assistance of a towing service for a tow to the repair shop.

Most efficient towing service providers have the equipment as well as the expertise to handle any sort of situation they are faced with. These towing companies have the ability to handle your vehicle without any damage, and provide towing assistance in the least amount of time possible. Several roadside repair services advertize towing as one of their services. However, it would be to your advantage to enquire if they own the tow truck or if they sublet to a towing company. If the latter is true, you will be charged a higher towing fee.

Towing services are preferred over roadside repair as the services provided by the towing company will cater to your needs more efficiently than a roadside repair service.


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