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The effect of technology on towing

Posted on: August 5th, 2012 by towingwriter

Technology has taken over the towing industry. With the advancements in cars and technology, towing has become more modernized.

With the advent of four or all wheel drives, GPS anti-theft systems and keyless ignitions, the process of towing has become more complicated and advanced. Four wheel drive cars need to have a flat bed truck for the purpose of towing. Due to the increasing number of vehicles with four wheel drives, it is becoming increasingly difficult to reach vehicles fast due to the number of flat bed tow trucks already in service for assisting other stranded drivers. The time that a stranded driver has to wait for a tow truck has increased considerably. Cars that have front airbags which are stored in doors have to be handled delicately. Failure to use the proper kills when handling such vehicles can lead to deployment of the airbags, which have the potential to cause severe injury. Cars that have the keyless entry also complicate things further. Operation of such vehicles requires advanced knowledge of the mechanics of the machinery that goes into the functioning of such advanced aspects of vehicles. The anti-theft systems also prevent to a great extent the opening of vehicles immediately by tow truck drivers.

Technology has also had positive effects on towing. With technology, it is easier for operators to reach tow truck drivers on the road. This enables the tow truck drivers closest to the required location to reach the stranded vehicle owner as soon as possible.

Technology has been a bane to society as a whole. In order to benefit from these advancements, towing service providers will have to come up to speed in order to successfully run their businesses.

The life of a tow truck driver

Posted on: July 29th, 2012 by towingwriter

Tow truck drivers are unsung heroes; working long hours just to make sure that drivers who need assistance are not kept waiting. The winter season is a particularly trying time in the life of a tow truck driver.

It is extremely important for a tow truck driver to remain well stocked during winter. Winter gear and warm clothes are an absolute essential. Gloves, boots and special snow suits that have reflective strips serve a dual purpose. Not only does this gear keep them warm, it also provides them with safety in that the reflective strips enable other drivers to visualize their location. It is a daily duty of tow truck drivers to inspect their vehicles and ensure that they are in perfectly working condition. The heated cab of a tow truck provides some much needed relief on those cold winter nights.

Towing service providers are busiest during winter, giving tow truck driver’s longer hours to work. But weather cannot be a barrier for dedicated tow truck drivers who are eagerly awaited by stranded motorists, looking for a helping hand. Tow truck drivers need to brave harsh weather and extremely difficult conditions in order to effectively assist those in need. Ensuring the safety of others is of prime importance, but tow truck drivers also need to take care of themselves while on the job. Oncoming traffic can prove to be a real danger when weather conditions make the roads slippery.

Towing is an extremely difficult and often thankless job. Tow truck drivers go above and beyond the call of duty to assist those in trouble. So, the next time you come across a tow truck driver, make sure you thank him for all his hard work.

Accident towing- What happens next?

Posted on: July 22nd, 2012 by towingwriter

Involvement in any accident can be a disorienting experience for anyone. Accident towing is a much required service at such times. However at times, having your car towed can become a little complicated. It is important to remain calm in such situations and knowing what needs to be done next will help you make sense of the situation.

It is important to realize the reason for your vehicle being towed. Many times, due to incorrect license situations, the police are unable to allow drivers who have been in accidents to continue the use of their vehicles. At times an arrest or an illegally parked car would require the services of a tow truck company. If you are unclear on the reason for your vehicle being towed away, it is best to get in touch with the proper authorities who will be able to help you identify the cause for towing your vehicle.

You would need to check with your auto insurance provider if your policy covers the cost of towing as well as costs incurred due to damage during the entire process. With regards to a majority of the policies with insurance companies, there are additional costs for towing expenses. Impound companies generally do not send the bill to the insurance companies. The bill is sent to the customer who would have to make a pay immediately and then submit the required information in order to be reimbursed.

Accident towing is necessary when there has been a mishap in a public area. Dealing with the after-effects of towing can be extremely tedious, but if you make it a point to keep yourself well informed about insurance and legal issues, the situation becomes easier to deal with.

Safety tips for RV towing

Posted on: July 15th, 2012 by towingwriter

Towing safety should be of utmost importance when towing either a dolly or a trailer behind an RV. With the weight of an RV that needs to be taken into account along with the additional weight of the boat or car being towed, there are many areas for concern that require special attention and precaution.

Even the most experienced tow truck drivers could greatly benefit from RV driving courses. Certain courses that place importance on RV towing would also be beneficial. These courses could enlighten you about tips and safety precautions that were previously not brought to your notice. These courses could give you the added confidence needed to safely tow with an RV. With RV towing, it is important to remain aware of weight limits. If the RV and trailer surpass the stipulated combined weight limit then the RV automatically becomes unsafe to drive. By exceeding weight limits, it is also possible that the insurance policy on your RV will be negated. Whenever possible, it is important to visit a weighing station and weight the entire RV as well as the trailer. It is also important to examine all tow bars, locks and all other equipments in order to ensure proper functioning and safety. You would also do well to remember that towing with an RV takes longer to brake than regular vehicles. It is important to make sure that other drivers have ample time to slow down or respond to your changes in lanes.

RV towing may seem like an easy task, but minor lapses of judgment and hurried precautions could lead to problems for the most experienced tow truck drivers. It is important to keep in mind important safety tips when RV towing because your safety as well as the safety of others driving alongside is at stake.

Boat towing tips

Posted on: July 9th, 2012 by towingwriter


There are certain precautions to be taken when towing a boat, be it a ski boat used in competitions or even a fishing boat. Following a few handy tips will ensure the safety of your boat along with allowing you to reach your destination on time.

When towing a boat, it is important to remember not to cover the boat. Covering the boat prior to towing can be extremely dangerous if the cover is not tied down tightly. You should consider testing all the lights on your trailer in order to avoid any mishaps caused due to turn signals or brake lights that fail. It is important to ensure that the bow winch strap is tight.  Slight movement can cause the degeneration of strap causing additional problems if it breaks under pressure during the process of towing. It is always best to replace a strap once it starts to look weathered.

In order to avoid damaging both your trailer and your boat, it is imperative that the boat is securely tied to your trailer. Prior to towing, it is important to make sure that everything item within the boat is secured in place and there is no possibility of items flying out at any point during the journey. It is important to also make sure that tires are filled with sufficient air and are not worn out. You could save yourself the trouble of changing your tires in the middle of nowhere or calling a tow truck by inspecting them prior to setting out on your journey. While checking your tires, it is also a good idea to ensure that your spare tire is in a usable condition.

So whether you plan on towing the boat yourself or are planning on hiring a towing service company to do the job for you, make sure that these safety tips are followed and you will make it safely to your destination with your boat intact.

Finding a towing service through the Internet

Posted on: July 2nd, 2012 by towingwriter

The services of a towing company are required at some point in time by most people. But finding a towing service that is reliable, trustworthy and competent is a task in itself, especially when you find yourself broken down in the middle of nowhere, with no one else to call. These days, the Internet is proving to be a worthy source of information.

Many towing services these days are setting up websites and advertising their services online. However a glitzy, well designed website is not always a sure sign of a reliable towing service. It is best to take some time and do some research prior to committing to any given towing company at the first sight of their website. Towing websites usually have their addresses posted on their website. Try and locate a company that is as close as possible to your breakdown site. The towing company that is closest to your location would be able to get to you quicker and thereby assist you faster than and towing company that is further away in distance from you.

It would be advisable for you to try and locate a towing company that has ‘Towing’ as part of their name. This is because usually companies that do not promote tow or towing as an obvious sign of their names in all possibility hires out other tow trucks which eventually results in an additional expense for you as a vehicle owner. Towing companies that are reflected on your search pages do necessarily need to be equated with the best service or the closest service to you.

So, it’s best to do a little research in the time you have to locate a reliable towing service that has a valid website with genuine information and no hidden details. The Internet is a powerful tool, but yet caution needs to be used when trying to locate the towing service company that would suit your requirements.

Tips on Daily tow truck examination

Posted on: June 25th, 2012 by towingwriter

Daily examination and maintenance of a tow truck is of prime importance in order to maintain its smooth functioning and operation. At the beginning of each day, every tow truck in Sydney driver needs to make it his duty to carry out a thorough inspection of the tow truck, from top to bottom. It is, after all, the tow truck that keeps the driver safe and provides him with the ability to assist people in need.

For those towing companies who own a fleet of tow trucks, it becomes important to maintain each and every tow truck and ensure that each one is in pristine condition as the reputation of the towing service is dependant on the smooth functioning of the tow trucks and their ability to help people as and when required. Very often, short notice is given to tow truck drivers to make it to a certain location immediately. At such times it is imperative that the tow truck itself does not break down or malfunction. At critical times when others need rescuing, it is not possible for a tow truck driver to get off and spend precious time fixing his truck.

In order to avoid this dilemma, tow truck drivers need to have checklists which consist of every essential part of the tow truck. In this way, by making his way down the entire checklist on a daily basis, the driver would be able to ascertain the working condition of every part of his vehicle. The clutch, brakes, lights, levers, meters, cables and other essential spare tools should be checked daily to ensure proper functioning.

A thorough inspection of the tow truck should be made mandatory and any problem should be rectified prior to starting the days work. This simple examination will not only keep the drivers safe but also ensure a long life for the towing equipment itself.

Get to know Towing equipment

Posted on: June 20th, 2012 by towingwriter


It is wise for you to keep yourself informed about the type of towing equipment that most companies prefer to use in the event that you do find yourself stranded after your car has broken down or worse. Several towing companies use similar equipment to tow vehicles

Most towing companies utilize the same type of equipment for towing. Many companies try to get potential customers to believe that the equipment that they use is more specialized than others.  However, the truth of the matter is that there is limited equipment that is used by most towing companies, regardless of the cost. The most appropriate option for towing a vehicle is a flatbed truck. A flatbed tow truck is a truck with a flat bed trailer attached. The trailer is tilted and the car is dragged onto the trailer by a chain wench. The vehicle is chained safely and ready for transport.

Traditional tow trucks with a hook use a hook that is placed under the front of the car. The hook lifts the front wheels off the ground and at the same time the back wheels remain on the road. This type of tow truck is suitable for all two-wheeled vehicles but must never be used for all-wheeled or four-wheeled vehicles. For long distance towing, a number of companies favor the use of a covered trailer to tow a vehicle. This towing equipment keeps the vehicle safe from external damage on its long trip.

This information about the types of towing equipment used by most towing companies will ensure that you could make an knowledgeable choice regarding the towing company you select for your towing needs.

Tow trucks and motor insurance

Posted on: June 13th, 2012 by towingwriter

A new car insurance policy provides you with important documents and a few stickers to place on your car. One such sticker would be a DO NOT TOW sticker which would provide details of the tow truck company that has been endorsed by your insurance company. It is very important for you as a vehicle owner to place that sticker on your vehicle.

There are several towing companies who patrol certain areas and are likely to be the first to respond to vehicles that have been in accidents. However, it is important that you do not permit any tow truck operator who is not authorized on your policy to tow away your vehicle. If you do, then there is a possibility that your insurance company will not bear the cost of towing your vehicle out because they will not be able to ascertain if the vehicle was additionally damaged during transportation. Insurance companies have tie ups with trustworthy towing companies. These authorized towing companies are the ones who would tow your vehicle to the repair shop.

Some tow truck companies have garnered a very ruthless reputation as a result of their unscrupulous actions. Certain tow truck driver’s tune into radio frequencies used by the police in order to gather information about the location of accidents and thus be the first on the scene. There are some towing companies who deceive people into believing that they have been authorized by the insurance company on the phone.  Most likely the person on the phone is an associate of the unauthorized towing company.  This is why it is essential for you to verify this information with your insurance company yourself.

You could avoid falling prey to towing companies who claim to offer you free towing services, as other hidden charges will cost a lot of money. The DO NOT TOW sticker on your vehicle will act as a deterrent to random tow truck operators and will display the contact information of your authorized towing service provider.

Safety tips for towing a jeep

Posted on: June 6th, 2012 by towingwriter

Jeep owners often have to resort to towing to get the vehicle to the off-road adventure destination and some others tow them out of requirement after an unfortunate breakdown or accident. A few helpful tips will enable you to ensure that your Jeep remains safe during the process of towing.

The main aim behind towing a Jeep is to get it to the desired location without causing damage to the vehicle. The cost of replacing parts of a Jeep can be quite exorbitant and thus it is advisable to hire the services of an experienced towing company to get the job done properly. There are two methods that can be considered for the purpose of towing a Jeep i.e. flat towing and trailer towing.

Flat towing is the process of towing your Jeep without a trailer. In this method a hook is attached to the front end of the Jeep in order to tow it. Prior to towing your Jeep in this manner you would need to disconnect the rear driveshaft of your Jeep, if not it could cause damage to the gears. The lug nuts would need to be tightened and the front hubs of the Jeep should be removed.

Trailer towing is comparatively easy as all that needs to be done is attach the trailer to the tow truck and then drive the Jeep on the trailer. Then all that remains to be done is secure the Jeep to the trailer using straps or chains which will prohibit movement of the Jeep. This is a preferred method of towing a Jeep as there is more security for the vehicle and not much strain is placed on it.

Towing a Jeep can be quite demanding, but these tips will ensure that your Jeep is well prepared for the long trip and also will enable you to know the proper methods involved in towing your precious cargo.