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Safety tips for towing a jeep

Posted on: June 6th, 2012 by towingwriter

Jeep owners often have to resort to towing to get the vehicle to the off-road adventure destination and some others tow them out of requirement after an unfortunate breakdown or accident. A few helpful tips will enable you to ensure that your Jeep remains safe during the process of towing.

The main aim behind towing a Jeep is to get it to the desired location without causing damage to the vehicle. The cost of replacing parts of a Jeep can be quite exorbitant and thus it is advisable to hire the services of an experienced towing company to get the job done properly. There are two methods that can be considered for the purpose of towing a Jeep i.e. flat towing and trailer towing.

Flat towing is the process of towing your Jeep without a trailer. In this method a hook is attached to the front end of the Jeep in order to tow it. Prior to towing your Jeep in this manner you would need to disconnect the rear driveshaft of your Jeep, if not it could cause damage to the gears. The lug nuts would need to be tightened and the front hubs of the Jeep should be removed.

Trailer towing is comparatively easy as all that needs to be done is attach the trailer to the tow truck and then drive the Jeep on the trailer. Then all that remains to be done is secure the Jeep to the trailer using straps or chains which will prohibit movement of the Jeep. This is a preferred method of towing a Jeep as there is more security for the vehicle and not much strain is placed on it.

Towing a Jeep can be quite demanding, but these tips will ensure that your Jeep is well prepared for the long trip and also will enable you to know the proper methods involved in towing your precious cargo.

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