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Follow road safety and prevent accidents

Posted on: July 24th, 2014 by admin

Towing beat up cars and trucks is our job, but we prefer if accidents and breakdowns were avoided. So, here are some helpful road safety tips, and important reminders to keep in mind in a roadside emergency.

1.Plan your journey
If you are going to drive on a long trip, it is important to plan your route, the time you will leave and the rest stops you will take along the way. Planning involves making sure you are prepared physically and that you allocate sufficient time for rest intervals. Most accidents happen at night. Ensure you have had sufficient rest before driving all night, and learn the signs of fatigue:

  •  Heavy head
  • Tingling eyes
  • Repeated yawning
  • Frequent position changes
  • Difficulties in keeping a steady trajectory

Have a power nap. A 15-minute power nap can save your life.

2. Physical check
Listen to your body when you drive. Are you feeling achy? Are your muscles tight? Drivers often suffer from sore arms, back, shoulders and legs. If you are starting to ache, stop walk around for five minutes, taking deep breaths, stretching the arms and legs. Movement breaks increase blood flow and alertness.

3. Adapt your way of driving
When people do not adapt their driving toward road conditions, accident risk increases. Be conscientious of weather. Rain, fog, snow and ice can cause hazards on the road. In poor visibility:

  • Slow down
  • Increase the distance from the vehicle in front
  • Switch on your dipped-beam headlights

If you have to pull over for tire change or your vehicle has broken down:

  • Turn your hazard lights on.
  • Make sure the area is safe when pulling over and ensure you are right inside your lane – avoid stopping on a bend, or blind spot.
  • Put safety triangles 100 meters behind your vehicle, and stay in your car until the tow truck arrives.
  • If you have children, make sure they remain in the vehicle also.

A fence at the top of a cliff is better than a hospital at the bottom
Keep your vehicle maintained with regular services, so the likeliness of breaking down is limited.

If you need car towing or truck towing in the Sydney, Liverpool and Campelltown areas we are here to help.

Boat towing tips

Posted on: July 9th, 2012 by towingwriter


There are certain precautions to be taken when towing a boat, be it a ski boat used in competitions or even a fishing boat. Following a few handy tips will ensure the safety of your boat along with allowing you to reach your destination on time.

When towing a boat, it is important to remember not to cover the boat. Covering the boat prior to towing can be extremely dangerous if the cover is not tied down tightly. You should consider testing all the lights on your trailer in order to avoid any mishaps caused due to turn signals or brake lights that fail. It is important to ensure that the bow winch strap is tight.  Slight movement can cause the degeneration of strap causing additional problems if it breaks under pressure during the process of towing. It is always best to replace a strap once it starts to look weathered.

In order to avoid damaging both your trailer and your boat, it is imperative that the boat is securely tied to your trailer. Prior to towing, it is important to make sure that everything item within the boat is secured in place and there is no possibility of items flying out at any point during the journey. It is important to also make sure that tires are filled with sufficient air and are not worn out. You could save yourself the trouble of changing your tires in the middle of nowhere or calling a tow truck by inspecting them prior to setting out on your journey. While checking your tires, it is also a good idea to ensure that your spare tire is in a usable condition.

So whether you plan on towing the boat yourself or are planning on hiring a towing service company to do the job for you, make sure that these safety tips are followed and you will make it safely to your destination with your boat intact.

Safety tips for towing a jeep

Posted on: June 6th, 2012 by towingwriter

Jeep owners often have to resort to towing to get the vehicle to the off-road adventure destination and some others tow them out of requirement after an unfortunate breakdown or accident. A few helpful tips will enable you to ensure that your Jeep remains safe during the process of towing.

The main aim behind towing a Jeep is to get it to the desired location without causing damage to the vehicle. The cost of replacing parts of a Jeep can be quite exorbitant and thus it is advisable to hire the services of an experienced towing company to get the job done properly. There are two methods that can be considered for the purpose of towing a Jeep i.e. flat towing and trailer towing.

Flat towing is the process of towing your Jeep without a trailer. In this method a hook is attached to the front end of the Jeep in order to tow it. Prior to towing your Jeep in this manner you would need to disconnect the rear driveshaft of your Jeep, if not it could cause damage to the gears. The lug nuts would need to be tightened and the front hubs of the Jeep should be removed.

Trailer towing is comparatively easy as all that needs to be done is attach the trailer to the tow truck and then drive the Jeep on the trailer. Then all that remains to be done is secure the Jeep to the trailer using straps or chains which will prohibit movement of the Jeep. This is a preferred method of towing a Jeep as there is more security for the vehicle and not much strain is placed on it.

Towing a Jeep can be quite demanding, but these tips will ensure that your Jeep is well prepared for the long trip and also will enable you to know the proper methods involved in towing your precious cargo.

Services provided by an efficient towing company

Posted on: March 6th, 2012 by towingwriter

Unfortunate incidents like a flat tire, running out of fuel or accidently sliding your car into a ditch are bound to occur unexpectedly. At such times what you need is an efficient towing service to rescue you from this dilemma.

While it is not a major task to contact any given towing company, finding an efficient service from the vast number of towing services available is not only difficult, but can also be time consuming. Efficient towing companies would be able to tow your vehicles to the destination of your choice. In order to lessen your burden, an efficient towing company will assist you with the paperwork that needs to be submitted to insurance companies. An efficient towing company like Xtreme towing will be available to provide assistance twenty four hours a day, seven days a week and will ensure prompt service delivery and assistance in order to ensure that you would not be stranded in the middle of nowhere for long.

A towing company that offers more than just towing services is the better option. Services like changing tires or even jump starting your vehicle are just some of the additional services that would be provided by an efficient towing service. Some towing companies will also have the provision of flatbed towing where they transport damaged vehicles. Efficient towing companies like Xtreme towing provide professional service with a smile. These towing companies conduct thorough background checks on their employees. Their tow truck drivers are experienced and well qualified to carry out the tasks at hand.

You could spend sometime in research to find a reliable and efficient towing service to depend on in times of an emergency. Compare and find the best towing service provider who is safe and reasonably priced. By doing so, you ensure that you will not be left helpless in your time of need


Xtreme Towing – Rescues you from a breakdown

Posted on: September 9th, 2011 by towingwriter

Having your car parked on the side of the road during a breakdown and calling for help can be quite a frustrating situation. Breakdowns are unavoidable situations and can happen to anyone. At Xtreme Towing we understand this and we employ some the best and quickest possible service to get you out of your misery.

During a breakdown, you are really left to the mercy of a towing service and all you can do is pray that they respond to your plight as fast as possible. Getting professional help is what is needed during such a situation and that is what Xtreme Towing does.

Xtreme towing has employees that are highly trained to handle the breakdown of your vehicle and tow your car to your desired destination. Xtreme Towing is super-experience in dealing with such situations and we have a team of fully qualified individuals to manage the task at hand.

Getting your car towed to your desired destination is what we specialize in. We also ensure that you are made to feel at ease and your car is towed carefully to avoid any damage to it. The road recovery assistance is low cost to ensure that you are not left reaching deep into your pocket for this service.

Because Xtreme towing is a 24 hours 7 days towing service, we can be reached during a breakdown at any time, day or night. We have skilled drivers who always keep the customers interest in mind while delivering quality service.

Xtreme Towing – Dive into the future of Towing

Posted on: August 26th, 2011 by towingwriter


Xtreme Towing is a professional towing company in Sydney that provides assistance for accidents, breakdowns, show Cars, Salvage and any other possible towing service. Xtreme towing is a reputed company and has dealt with a series of customers and hence brings a vast amount of experience to its service.

Xtreme towing has staff that is highly trained and well qualified to deal with your situation. You cannot always be prepared to handle a breakdown or an accident and that is where our towing service is of utmost significance. We ensure that you are never left stranded in any situation.

Xtreme towing specializes is handling accidents and breakdowns and takes care of the situation delicately and with complete care. We also ensure that your car is towed to your desired destination at a low cost price. Because of years of experience in the towing industry, we know how to deliver rapid service at a fraction of a cost.

To get you back on your feet, we have tie ups with all major insurance companies. Your convenience is always kept in mind and that is why we focus on getting everything to you instead of you having to extend the first hand.

Xtreme towing has tow trucks that are equipped with state of the art mechanism to handle any kind of towing situation that you face. We even carry out Show Car towing and ensure that your car is kept in top notch style. Xtreme towing provides extremely fast service at a really low cost.

Why should you choose a rapid response towing service?

Posted on: August 19th, 2011 by towingwriter

When you’re cruising at about a hundred miles an hour and your car starts giving you trouble, you know that you’re going to need help pretty soon. Taking the risk of driving to the next available mechanic may be a wise option, but what if you can’t get till there. This leaves you in a tricky situation, doesn’t it?

Choosing a rapid response towing service is the key to such a situation. You might have to park your car on the sideway and get out and call for help. The situation is already frustrating and if help does not arrive in time, who knows what you might miss out on.

During such a situation, you would want the towing service to come to your aid as soon as possible. You do not want to be stranded in the middle of a deserted highway for hours together. A towing service that can respond to your call rapidly is what is desired during this time.

If a towing service comes to your aid within minutes, you know that you can reach your desired destination as quickly as possible. You would not lose out on a lot of time. After-all, none of us like to be stuck in a frustrating situation.

Always pick a towing company that can deliver their service to you at record breaking speed. Getting the right towing service can be one of the best decisions you would have made. Get a rapid towing service for yourself today.

The pros of having Xtreme Towing on Speed Dial

Posted on: August 5th, 2011 by towingwriter

Imagine that you are riding into the wind on the freeway when your car starts playing up. Before you know it, your car comes to a stop with your engine emitting smoke and now you’re stranded. What’s worse is that you are nowhere close to home and so calling for help can be quite a tricky situation.

Not if you have Xtreme Towing on Speed Dial. Xtreme Towing is a highly trained professional towing service that specializes is towing services to help keep you at ease at all times. Xtreme towing provides really quick service at a fraction of a cost and they ensure that every time you need a towing service, you are provided with one at rapid pace.

Xtreme towing is equipped with super-qualified staff and tow trucks with state of the art mechanism to deal with any kind of breakdowns or accidents. You can rely on Xtreme towing to get you out of a tricky situation at any time of the day or the night.

Having Xtreme towing on your speed dial can be very beneficial in the event of a breakdown or an accident. These are frustrating situations and you all you really want to do in times like these are to get out of it and get to your desired destination.

Calling Xtreme towing by the press of a button can help you deal with such unexpected events effortlessly and with a calm mind. Because of extensive experience in the towing business, Xtreme towing is considered to be a master at handling such situations with ease and detail.

All You Need to Know About Towing Services

Posted on: May 2nd, 2011 by towingwriter No Comments

Your car breaking down or being involved in an accident can be extremely frustrating. The solution to this is to hire a towing service. While doing this, there is a list of things that you must know such as their response time, their customer service and the kind of work quality they deliver.

When you’re in a situation where you have to call a towing company, first make a note of all the information you can provide. It will take a few minutes but it is worth it as the driver will be better prepared to deal with your situation.

When you call a towing service, check to see how polite the operator is. If the operator is rude, politely refuse the service and try another towing company.

When you’re giving information over the phone, make sure to provide all necessary details. If you have anything customized and need extra care taken, mention that during your conversation.

When the tow truck reaches your location, check the condition of vehicle to see if it is damaged or looks beat up. Observe if the driver’s attitude and if he is able to get on the task effortlessly or if he is having difficulty. If yes, then it’s best if you call another towing service.

Be polite to the driver. You’re already in a frustrating situation so throwing your attitude around would not help.

Remember these things and you could help get your vehicle towed by the right towing service.