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Trained Employees Commit Expertise at Xtreme Towing

Posted on: October 21st, 2011 by towingwriter

Towing business to operate needs support in two key areas, viz., adequate infrastructure i.e. number & type of tow trucks, etc., and trained personnel. While it is easier to build infrastructural capabilities in towing business, it is not very common to find skilled towing staff. No wonder, as the vehicles are being towed, accidents and vehicle damage are a frequent scenario. Such instances largely are a result of clumsiness demonstrated by towing staff. Either the vehicle is not securely attached to the tow truck or driver makes mistakes while pulling the vehicle or a wrong type of truck is selected and so on. Any of the faults causes damage to vehicle and most often, towing staff is responsible.

Xtreme towing understands the gravity attached to the scenario and thus we invest in selecting rightly qualified personnel and as per need, training the staff. To this end, we ensure that our people are licensed and are law abiding citizens. Before employing, background is screened and only those who meet the set qualifications are selected for the job. Additionally, recruited employees are adequately trained to handle tow trucks and vehicles.

When you handover the task of towing to Xtreme, you trust us with your vehicle and we indulge in training our resources, to ensure that we successfully maintain the trust levels. If ever you feel unsatisfied with service quality or for that matter are not very delighted with service personnel’s conduct, just drop us a line and we shall immediately work at rectifying the issue.

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