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Tips on Motorcycle towing

Posted on: May 23rd, 2012 by towingwriter

If you find yourself relocating to a different destination and have to enlist a towing service to tow your motorcycle to the new location which is a fair distance away, a few handy tips will help you prepare your motorcycle for the long haul.

Check for damages: You could make a clear report of any existing damages to your motorcycle in order to avoid any argument over damage caused during the process of towing. It is also advisable that you click recent pictures for any future evidence.

Clean your motorcycle: This assists the driver when examining it for any existing marking or even damage before towing.

Special instructions: Make a note of specific problems with your motorcycle. Your tow truck driver will need to be informed of these during the process loading and unloading of your motorcycle.

Alarm: You would need to disable your motorcycle alarm before towing.

Tires:  Tires will need to be adequately inflated.

The Battery: This must be properly secured and the cables must be safeguarded from causing an electrical short. Weight: The weight of the motorcycle will need to be specified to avoid over billing.

Gas Tank: As a safety precaution, you could drain your gas tank especially if your motorcycle is being towed in a crate

Unlock the Steering: It is important for the steering to remain unlocked.

Mirrors: All mirrors would need to be folded in.

Forks: It is important to keep them unlocked.

Loose Items: Empty saddle bags, glove boxes, etc. are not insured if they are included with your shipment and must therefore be removed.

Inventory Sheet: You could consider maintaining an inventory sheet which could be signed by the towing company.

These tips could make it easier for the towing company to safely tow your motorcycle to the new destination. Also, the documentation will enable you to have on record any existing damages to your motorcycle in the event that any new damages are caused during the process of towing.


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