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Things to know about towing equipment

Posted on: January 24th, 2012 by towingwriter

An accident or vehicle breakdown can be an extremely stressful time. A towing company will be able to help you out immensely in this dire time of need. Towing companies use the most apt equipment to tow a particular type of vehicle. There are certain things that you could familiarize yourself with about towing equipment, incase of an emergency.

Most towing companies use similar types of equipment. Do not fall prey to companies that charge extra because they claim to use some sort of specialized equipment. The best and most commonly used equipment for towing is a flatbed truck. It is basically a truck with a flat bed trailer attached. The trailer is tilted to allow for your vehicle to be pulled onto the trailer and is then chained down securely to the tow truck. Another popular form of equipment used is a tow truck with a hook. This type of truck places the hook under the front of your vehicle, thus lifting the front wheels of the vehicle off the ground, while keeping the rear wheels on the ground. Many towing companies also offer covered trailers which offer extra protection to expensive vehicles as well as vehicles that need to be transported for a longer distance. Many companies specialize in motorcycle towing. A motorcycle is towed by using a flatbed truck. While some companies use full sized flatbed tow trucks to tow motorcycles, others use modified pick up trucks, designed to tow motorcycles specifically.

When looking for the right towing company, make an informed decision. Choosing the right towing company does not depend on the equipment alone, as most towing companies use similar types of equipment. The quality and efficiency of service provided and the price factor play a major role as well.




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