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The effect of technology on towing

Posted on: August 5th, 2012 by towingwriter

Technology has taken over the towing industry. With the advancements in cars and technology, towing has become more modernized.

With the advent of four or all wheel drives, GPS anti-theft systems and keyless ignitions, the process of towing has become more complicated and advanced. Four wheel drive cars need to have a flat bed truck for the purpose of towing. Due to the increasing number of vehicles with four wheel drives, it is becoming increasingly difficult to reach vehicles fast due to the number of flat bed tow trucks already in service for assisting other stranded drivers. The time that a stranded driver has to wait for a tow truck has increased considerably. Cars that have front airbags which are stored in doors have to be handled delicately. Failure to use the proper kills when handling such vehicles can lead to deployment of the airbags, which have the potential to cause severe injury. Cars that have the keyless entry also complicate things further. Operation of such vehicles requires advanced knowledge of the mechanics of the machinery that goes into the functioning of such advanced aspects of vehicles. The anti-theft systems also prevent to a great extent the opening of vehicles immediately by tow truck drivers.

Technology has also had positive effects on towing. With technology, it is easier for operators to reach tow truck drivers on the road. This enables the tow truck drivers closest to the required location to reach the stranded vehicle owner as soon as possible.

Technology has been a bane to society as a whole. In order to benefit from these advancements, towing service providers will have to come up to speed in order to successfully run their businesses.

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