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Roadside assistance and not just towing

Posted on: May 30th, 2012 by towingwriter

You could resort to calling a towing company only as a last resort as sometimes towing your vehicle can come with its own share of troubles for you. Towing and roadside assistance are two completely different concepts that have been confused for each other too often.

Roadside assistance is generally inclusive of on the spot service which aims to repair your vehicle enabling you to drive away in a matter of hours after the problem has been diagnosed and rectified. Trained mechanics and advanced equipment that are utilized to locate the problem with the vehicle are needed for roadside repair.  In many cases towing is an unnecessary solution to the problem when roadside repair is all that is needed to correct the issue. Cars also can be damaged during the process of towing if the tow truck driver is not alert thus causing more stress and unnecessary expenditure for the vehicle owner.

Roadside assistance is not a stop gap treatment for your vehicle, it involves actual repair of the vehicular problems so that you as a vehicle owner do not encounter such problems in the near future. Simple tasks that can be carried out immediately like fixing a flat tire, fuel refill, opening an inadvertently locked vehicle, electrical repairs, belt replacement etc. can be rectified immediately by road side services without having to call a tow truck to move your vehicle all the way to a garage.

Towing is a quick solution as opposed to roadside assistance that deals with the issue at hand immediately. You as a vehicle owner can reach your destination albeit a little late, knowing that your problem has been rectified on the spot.

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