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Responsible Towing-Fairness for citizens and towing companies

Posted on: January 17th, 2012 by towingwriter

A towing service is a blessing when your car breaks down or when you have an unfortunate accident. At times like these, the tow truck seems to be the only solution to your problem. However there are a few towing companies that resorting to illegal practices and are towing vehicles unnecessarily in order to make fast money.

There are a few reasons why there are so many citizens complaining of being towed illegally. Tow zones are sometimes not clearly marked and often citizens have their vehicles towed for parking in a towing zone that is not marked properly. Often, there is no enforcement of law on how much of a charge should be levied by towing companies. In order to solve these issues, the city needs to ensure that tow zones are properly marked with bright paint. Regular checks need to be made by the maintenance department to ensure that the paint is not faded. Cameras should be set up to record the area to document if anyone indeed is parking in a tow zone. Towing companies should not be allowed to levy exorbitant fees.  Standard fees should be clearly posted at tow zones to ensure that citizens are aware of the amount they would be charged. Any towing company that deviates from the standard fee and tries to charge excess should be subject to fines.

As a responsible citizen, you could make yourself aware of the laws regarding towing in your area. In this way, you would fall prey to towing companies that are cheating citizens. Towing companies too should not resort to illegal practices to make money. By following the law and being responsible, both towing companies as well as citizens would be able to resolve any problem that may arise.

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