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Illegal towing practices- Be aware

Posted on: February 28th, 2012 by towingwriter

Illegal towing practices are being practiced rampantly by several towing companies. The laws that are being violated by these companies exist in order to protect the public and their vehicles from any sort of harm. You could educate yourself about illegal practices in order to avoid falling victim to these rogue towing companies.

Some of the more common complaints range from wrongful towing, to something stolen from the car when it was towed. Damage to a towed vehicle and even disputes about changes in the price after the vehicle was towed are not uncommon. Not all tow truck companies are reputable. It would be in everyone’s best interests for towing companies to require drug testing in order to reduce the likelihood of theft. On your part, you could remove valuable items such as cell phones, IPods, cameras and stereo equipments when leaving your vehicle unattended as these items are more likely to be stolen.

Damage to vehicles when being towed away occurs when the towing companies disregard laws that regulate towing equipment. Many companies resort to employing tow truck drivers who are not qualified and do not have training programs to educate the drivers on safe practices. It is also illegal to quote a certain amount for a service and then change the cost after the consumer is obligated. A non reputable tow company might practice quoting low pricing then try to add extra charges or even dispute what was quoted, threatening impound if the client does not comply.

When seeking assistance form a towing company, you could verify if background checks are carried out on their on their employees. A reputable tow truck company will always be mindful of the appearance of their drivers as well as the tow trucks. Professionalism and attitude of the driver is as important as the skills of the driver. In order to avoid any misunderstanding, confirm the charges with the tow truck driver before they hook up your vehicle. It is important to make yourself aware of the laws in order to avoid being scammed by unlawful tow truck companies.


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