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All about towing authorizations

Posted on: November 4th, 2011 by towingwriter

While both, a towing company and a repair shop can assist by towing your vehicle from place of accident or breakdown for maintenance, they are different in a considerable way.

To begin with, for a repair shop, towing is just an add-on service, which is extended to gain more customers and thus flourish the repair business. However, for a towing company, towing is the main service extended. The kind of specialization as extended by a repair shop’s towing guy and a trained professional coming from a towing company is poles apart. While in case of a repair shop, any mechanic will perform this task, only a trained driver will tow for a towing company. With this perhaps you can decide what is best for your vehicle’s safety.

Secondly, a repair shop is not even half as equipped in comparison to a towing company, when it comes to type and number of tow trucks. Thus, if a repair shop is trusted with the task of towing, it is possible that an inappropriate truck could be used to tow your vehicle. Also, because the number of trucks is limited, quick response time cannot be expected from a repair shop, when it comes to towing.

Third, a reputed towing company focuses on its core task of towing and thus is not into repair work. The core business generation activities thus vastly differ. Therefore, towing company will assist with towing requirements, even for those vehicles, which do not need repair work. For example equipment or machinery transports.

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