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3 Important Vehicle Safety Tips during Towing

Posted on: September 23rd, 2011 by towingwriter

We all often seek towing assistance and the tendency is to pick one company, call them whenever needed and then step back to see them work. However, rarely do we actually pay attention to the towing procedures or guidelines followed. And this is not because we are not bothered about the safety of our vehicle, but because we are not aware. After all, who has the time to go through those long journals focusing upon the ideal towing procedures? Thus to assist, here is a quick list of three vital points, which ought to be kept in mind, while you seek towing assistance.

Pay attention to all attachments – For purposes of towing, your vehicle will be connected with the tow truck. From security perspective, it is important that the vehicle is appropriately chained. A good towing company will chain at all four points and thus maintain security.

Type of tow truck – There are two options in this category viz., boom truck and flatbed truck. Though both are commonly used, flatbed is preferred because it lifts the vehicle with a fork lift and thus eliminates as much scope of any damage to the vehicle, while it is being towed. However, depending upon the vehicle, right kind of truck can be determined and an experienced tow truck driver will be able to assist with the selection.

Load the right way – Vehicle’s load should be appropriately balanced. Uneven weight placement could damage vehicle’s frame. About 60% of the weight should be towards the axle front.


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