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Xtremetowing, proudly Western Sydney’s Number One Residential and Commercial Towing Company

Posted on: September 22nd, 2014 by admin

When you are caught in an Emergency and need a TowTruck, you want fast and reliable service. At XtremeTowing our mission is just that: to get you out of your emergency with fast and reliable service.

Vehicle problems are an unlucky fact of life, but with fast and helpful service they can be managed smoothly and effortlessly. Whether you’re broken down stranded on the side of the road or have been involved in an accident we offer 24-hour service seven days a week. (more…)

Follow road safety and prevent accidents

Posted on: July 24th, 2014 by admin

Towing beat up cars and trucks is our job, but we prefer if accidents and breakdowns were avoided. So, here are some helpful road safety tips, and important reminders to keep in mind in a roadside emergency.

1.Plan your journey
If you are going to drive on a long trip, it is important to plan your route, the time you will leave and the rest stops you will take along the way. Planning involves making sure you are prepared physically and that you allocate sufficient time for rest intervals. Most accidents happen at night. Ensure you have had sufficient rest before driving all night, and learn the signs of fatigue:

  •  Heavy head
  • Tingling eyes
  • Repeated yawning
  • Frequent position changes
  • Difficulties in keeping a steady trajectory

Have a power nap. A 15-minute power nap can save your life.

2. Physical check
Listen to your body when you drive. Are you feeling achy? Are your muscles tight? Drivers often suffer from sore arms, back, shoulders and legs. If you are starting to ache, stop walk around for five minutes, taking deep breaths, stretching the arms and legs. Movement breaks increase blood flow and alertness.

3. Adapt your way of driving
When people do not adapt their driving toward road conditions, accident risk increases. Be conscientious of weather. Rain, fog, snow and ice can cause hazards on the road. In poor visibility:

  • Slow down
  • Increase the distance from the vehicle in front
  • Switch on your dipped-beam headlights

If you have to pull over for tire change or your vehicle has broken down:

  • Turn your hazard lights on.
  • Make sure the area is safe when pulling over and ensure you are right inside your lane – avoid stopping on a bend, or blind spot.
  • Put safety triangles 100 meters behind your vehicle, and stay in your car until the tow truck arrives.
  • If you have children, make sure they remain in the vehicle also.

A fence at the top of a cliff is better than a hospital at the bottom
Keep your vehicle maintained with regular services, so the likeliness of breaking down is limited.

If you need car towing or truck towing in the Sydney, Liverpool and Campelltown areas we are here to help.

Enclosed trailers for motorcycle towing

Posted on: August 19th, 2012 by towingwriter

The process of towing a motorcycle can be quite a delicate process especially for motorcycles that need to be towed for show events. For the most part, it is sensible to have an enclosed trailer for towing a motorcycle.

For those motorcycle enthusiasts who travel around the country very often, an enclosed trailer for motorcycle towing is the best choice as it affords both safety and stability to the motorcycle. All the harsh elements of nature that could potentially damage the motorcycle during the process of towing like rain, harsh winds and extreme heat are all effectively kept at bay by an enclosed trailer. Even the prospect of potential damage from falling debris from trees is diminished due to the safety of the enclosed trailer. It is also possible to reach the destination in plenty of time as enclosed trailers can be driven at regular speed limits, without having to slow down because of any form of potential to damage the precious cargo.

Enclosed trailers come in a variety of different sizes; therefore, it is possible to select one that would best suit your needs depending on the size of your motorcycle. Prior to selecting a particular trailer, it is best to inspect it in person to ensure that it has the capacity to manage the size and weight of your motorcycle. Enclosed trailers also offer great stability to motorcycles during the process of towing as it is firmly secured in place in order to reduce the risk of it coming loose during the journey.

For the safest way to tow your motorcycle, approach a towing service provider who has experience with towing motorcycles to different destinations.

The effect of technology on towing

Posted on: August 5th, 2012 by towingwriter

Technology has taken over the towing industry. With the advancements in cars and technology, towing has become more modernized.

With the advent of four or all wheel drives, GPS anti-theft systems and keyless ignitions, the process of towing has become more complicated and advanced. Four wheel drive cars need to have a flat bed truck for the purpose of towing. Due to the increasing number of vehicles with four wheel drives, it is becoming increasingly difficult to reach vehicles fast due to the number of flat bed tow trucks already in service for assisting other stranded drivers. The time that a stranded driver has to wait for a tow truck has increased considerably. Cars that have front airbags which are stored in doors have to be handled delicately. Failure to use the proper kills when handling such vehicles can lead to deployment of the airbags, which have the potential to cause severe injury. Cars that have the keyless entry also complicate things further. Operation of such vehicles requires advanced knowledge of the mechanics of the machinery that goes into the functioning of such advanced aspects of vehicles. The anti-theft systems also prevent to a great extent the opening of vehicles immediately by tow truck drivers.

Technology has also had positive effects on towing. With technology, it is easier for operators to reach tow truck drivers on the road. This enables the tow truck drivers closest to the required location to reach the stranded vehicle owner as soon as possible.

Technology has been a bane to society as a whole. In order to benefit from these advancements, towing service providers will have to come up to speed in order to successfully run their businesses.

Accident towing- What happens next?

Posted on: July 22nd, 2012 by towingwriter

Involvement in any accident can be a disorienting experience for anyone. Accident towing is a much required service at such times. However at times, having your car towed can become a little complicated. It is important to remain calm in such situations and knowing what needs to be done next will help you make sense of the situation.

It is important to realize the reason for your vehicle being towed. Many times, due to incorrect license situations, the police are unable to allow drivers who have been in accidents to continue the use of their vehicles. At times an arrest or an illegally parked car would require the services of a tow truck company. If you are unclear on the reason for your vehicle being towed away, it is best to get in touch with the proper authorities who will be able to help you identify the cause for towing your vehicle.

You would need to check with your auto insurance provider if your policy covers the cost of towing as well as costs incurred due to damage during the entire process. With regards to a majority of the policies with insurance companies, there are additional costs for towing expenses. Impound companies generally do not send the bill to the insurance companies. The bill is sent to the customer who would have to make a pay immediately and then submit the required information in order to be reimbursed.

Accident towing is necessary when there has been a mishap in a public area. Dealing with the after-effects of towing can be extremely tedious, but if you make it a point to keep yourself well informed about insurance and legal issues, the situation becomes easier to deal with.

Finding a towing service through the Internet

Posted on: July 2nd, 2012 by towingwriter

The services of a towing company are required at some point in time by most people. But finding a towing service that is reliable, trustworthy and competent is a task in itself, especially when you find yourself broken down in the middle of nowhere, with no one else to call. These days, the Internet is proving to be a worthy source of information.

Many towing services these days are setting up websites and advertising their services online. However a glitzy, well designed website is not always a sure sign of a reliable towing service. It is best to take some time and do some research prior to committing to any given towing company at the first sight of their website. Towing websites usually have their addresses posted on their website. Try and locate a company that is as close as possible to your breakdown site. The towing company that is closest to your location would be able to get to you quicker and thereby assist you faster than and towing company that is further away in distance from you.

It would be advisable for you to try and locate a towing company that has ‘Towing’ as part of their name. This is because usually companies that do not promote tow or towing as an obvious sign of their names in all possibility hires out other tow trucks which eventually results in an additional expense for you as a vehicle owner. Towing companies that are reflected on your search pages do necessarily need to be equated with the best service or the closest service to you.

So, it’s best to do a little research in the time you have to locate a reliable towing service that has a valid website with genuine information and no hidden details. The Internet is a powerful tool, but yet caution needs to be used when trying to locate the towing service company that would suit your requirements.

Roadside assistance and not just towing

Posted on: May 30th, 2012 by towingwriter

You could resort to calling a towing company only as a last resort as sometimes towing your vehicle can come with its own share of troubles for you. Towing and roadside assistance are two completely different concepts that have been confused for each other too often.

Roadside assistance is generally inclusive of on the spot service which aims to repair your vehicle enabling you to drive away in a matter of hours after the problem has been diagnosed and rectified. Trained mechanics and advanced equipment that are utilized to locate the problem with the vehicle are needed for roadside repair.  In many cases towing is an unnecessary solution to the problem when roadside repair is all that is needed to correct the issue. Cars also can be damaged during the process of towing if the tow truck driver is not alert thus causing more stress and unnecessary expenditure for the vehicle owner.

Roadside assistance is not a stop gap treatment for your vehicle, it involves actual repair of the vehicular problems so that you as a vehicle owner do not encounter such problems in the near future. Simple tasks that can be carried out immediately like fixing a flat tire, fuel refill, opening an inadvertently locked vehicle, electrical repairs, belt replacement etc. can be rectified immediately by road side services without having to call a tow truck to move your vehicle all the way to a garage.

Towing is a quick solution as opposed to roadside assistance that deals with the issue at hand immediately. You as a vehicle owner can reach your destination albeit a little late, knowing that your problem has been rectified on the spot.

Tips on Motorcycle towing

Posted on: May 23rd, 2012 by towingwriter

If you find yourself relocating to a different destination and have to enlist a towing service to tow your motorcycle to the new location which is a fair distance away, a few handy tips will help you prepare your motorcycle for the long haul.

Check for damages: You could make a clear report of any existing damages to your motorcycle in order to avoid any argument over damage caused during the process of towing. It is also advisable that you click recent pictures for any future evidence.

Clean your motorcycle: This assists the driver when examining it for any existing marking or even damage before towing.

Special instructions: Make a note of specific problems with your motorcycle. Your tow truck driver will need to be informed of these during the process loading and unloading of your motorcycle.

Alarm: You would need to disable your motorcycle alarm before towing.

Tires:  Tires will need to be adequately inflated.

The Battery: This must be properly secured and the cables must be safeguarded from causing an electrical short. Weight: The weight of the motorcycle will need to be specified to avoid over billing.

Gas Tank: As a safety precaution, you could drain your gas tank especially if your motorcycle is being towed in a crate

Unlock the Steering: It is important for the steering to remain unlocked.

Mirrors: All mirrors would need to be folded in.

Forks: It is important to keep them unlocked.

Loose Items: Empty saddle bags, glove boxes, etc. are not insured if they are included with your shipment and must therefore be removed.

Inventory Sheet: You could consider maintaining an inventory sheet which could be signed by the towing company.

These tips could make it easier for the towing company to safely tow your motorcycle to the new destination. Also, the documentation will enable you to have on record any existing damages to your motorcycle in the event that any new damages are caused during the process of towing.


How to find a towing service when you need it

Posted on: May 16th, 2012 by towingwriter

There are several occasions when you may find yourself stranded at the side of the road, wondering who to call at this time of need. Towing companies are the most equipped to help you out of this situation. However you would need to know how to find the best towing company to help you. There are several ways to go about gathering this information.

Insurance plans often will provide you the contact details of a reliable towing company that has been authorized to tow your vehicle in particular. This option will truly will provide you with peace of mind knowing that your towing needs are covered and that the insurance company will take care of the incurred expenses. You could also consider conducting your own research on efficient tow truck companies prior to actually resorting to any random towing service in your time of need. You could find out if they are reliable, trust worthy as well as cost effective and select the best towing service so that you are not left floundering when you are in need of the towing services yourself.

The local listings will give you a general idea of the options that are available to choose from. You could contact some of these companies listed and question them regarding their policies and in this way you will be able to make an informed choice about the towing service provider for you. A price comparison will help you understand the expenses that would need to incur for using the services of the towing company. Once you have settled on a certain towing service that you wish to utilize you would need to keep their contact details handy at all times.

By being prepared you will provide yourself with the tools to get out of a dire situation and therefore ensure that your towing service provider will come to your rescue wherever you call.


Towing services- Back to the basics

Posted on: May 9th, 2012 by towingwriter

Towing services are required on a daily basis by people who have had the misfortune of being in an accident or just simply had a car break down. Tow truck companies assist travelers in these desperate situations and help them find a way out of a dire situation. The different types of the towing equipment that needs to be utilized in any given situation would depend on the size and weight of the vehicle that needs to be towed. The following are a few basic equipments that are used by towing companies on a daily basis.

‘Booms’ are not exclusively designed for tow trucks only. Several towing services utilize adjustable boom pulleys for recovering vehicles that are stuck in ditches. ‘Wheel lifts’ are the most recent editions of the hook and chain combinations that were used initially. These lifts have metal yokes that are attached to the vehicle in addition to a hydraulic hoist.

‘Belt lifts’ are looped chains which can be attached to vehicles. This enables a tow truck to pull the vehicle by the axle. Caution needs to be used with this equipment as it is prone to causing scratches on the vehicle’s bumper. A ‘Quick pick’ merges the characteristics of a boom as well as a wheel lift. The quick pick is used to reclaim vehicles or for the purpose of transferring vehicles that have not been parked legally.. ‘Slide’ refers to the bed that is located at the rear of the tow truck. The hydraulics of the slide enables the bed to shift to ground level and pull the vehicle with the help of a winch.

A basic understanding of the type of equipments used by towing companies will enable you to have a clearer understanding of the intricacies involved in the towing service industry.